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Ang pagdating ng kanluranin sa pilipinas

ang pagdating ng kanluranin sa pilipinas-2

Taken as a whole, these new findings in Smartmatics Cabuyao and forensic evidence clearly show the possibility that the local election results in Antipolo City were heavily compromised.Through the initiative of the “Pinagkaisang Lakas at Ugnayan ng Mamamayan ng Antipolo (PLUMA)”, they hope to unravel the truth surrounding the Antipolo PCOS Machines to show whether there is really honesty and truth on the May 2010 local elections in Antipolo City. MORE THAN 26,000 ANTIPOLONIANS CALLING FOR THE SENATE TO FINISH FORENSIC INVESTIGATION ON THEIR PCOS MACHINES.

Smartmatic cannot offer a technical explanation for this major loophole.” More evidence of irregularities was found on August 3, 2010 when CF flash cards used in Antipolo City during the May 10, 2010 elections were analyzed at the SMARTMATIC warehouse in Cabuyao Laguna.50 CF cards were already back up cards thus there were 50 main CF cards not in the possession of the COMELEC contrary to the statement given by the COMELEC City Election Officer that all the main cards were with the possession of the COMELEC.In addition it was discovered that there were CF cards that were not reconfigured and were ordered to be recalled, contained votes cast in the May 10 elections.The 3 primary risks a potential litigant must manage are: Finding and tracking relevant data is challenging because of the great volume of information, and so this is an excellent role for a software solution.Several developers have produced software that either include this function as part of broader information governance or a specific solution for Early Case Assessment (ECA).Communication with personnel about what information is being held should be done early, clearly, and repeatedly.

From regular backup deletion to technicians not knowing why that locker of computers hadn’t been wiped yet, companies have lost much data to unintended destruction.

Based on the manifestation submitted by NPC representative of Antipolo City, Atty.

Andrei Zapanta, It was discovered that of the 367 precincts representing the precincts in Antipolo City only 317 CF cards could be backed up.

The first method used, and apparently most common, is Access Control Lists (ACLs); the supposition that “even a database admin would not be able to alter the stored logs.” Unfortunately ACLs are active only when the software is running.

For example: My SQL implements limits in what users can change in a database; however, it cannot protect its data files as they rest on the hard drive.

The PCOS machine contains a console port, which Smartmatic claimed is only a one-way output port, used for diagnostics purposes only.