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Amibroker charts not updating

After getting the chart to display, I changed the color of points to red if they are clicked.

amibroker charts not updating-12

Workaround suggested by @michaelknoch indeed refreshes chart, but it re-draws the whole chart rather than just adding a new data-point making it very hard to understand that it's a realtime data. This is because Angular 2 Change Detection only runs when value or reference changes.If your company has a Microsoft Office Support contract and you want to contact Microsoft to ask for a fix, you may refer to Microsoft case number REG:113070110555536. If you’re an Ami Broker user, you may have spent much time painstakingly creating and editing watchlists of stocks, with all the repetitive pointing and clicking that entails, to get them just right.On the other hand if you reassign values to the arrays like .I created a wrapper component for the chart just to have clean code, this is what i am going to post here.Refresh is only called when user clicks a button, or programmatically when i'm sure new data is there. You should even be able to view the graph in real time if you run the app. a new one, then the animation works with the code I posted above only. Would be good if the last value moves out of the scale.

I was having some serious problems getting the chart to properly initialize, and none of these solutions worked straight forward (data was being loaded async, but the chart would draw before the process finished and wouldn't re-render).

A quick, easy, solution is to just wait to draw the canvas until your asyncs are finished.

When opening a workbook for the first time in a newer Excel version, change data and trigger a recalculation twice with .

Once the workbook is saved with the newer Excel version, a single recalculation suffices.

p=preview Here is a solution for the wrong animation: U2q LREKe?