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Janlam aamar moto onekei tader nunu niye khele ar kheche maal ber kore.Beta lokra maiago voda chate, tohon maiara aaramer chote aah aah oh oh uh uh sobdo kore.

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You may have been a driver, a secretary, an executive, a manager or a VP. If you have contacts locally or overseas, another member may have a need to know your contacts. For a fee, a commission, you may be able to help another fellow member. Participants will also be invited to business networking gatherings, when organised. Ekdin shahosh kore Ammu ke bole fellam, "Ammu, aamar underwear lagbey." Porashuna kore aar choti pore guitar bajiye dingulo besh anondey paar hoye jacche.Apu ke boka diley aamar valoi lage kintu chhot bontar jonno kharap lage.Kono meye kisujiggesh korle onno dikey takiye jobab dei.Tobe oder kotha vebe raate guitar bajate valoi pari.If a business deal is made, you can develop a relationship as introducer, liaison or agent. And of course, if you are looking at expanding your career or business, and needs some valuable contacts, our new business networking group, you too can join this group.

Always be prepared and open about fees or commission.

Take Russian and Ukrainian single ladies seeking foreign husband from China and America for example.…

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Class e meyeder dudh gaar dekhe aamar bara daraay jay aar thigh er shathe tokash tokash kore bari khay.

Shokaley gosol korar shomoy aar raate bichhanay Liza ghumanor por dhon khechi.

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