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Well thanks to the fine folks at The Internet Archive you can...never heard of them?Well here is their info: November 09, 2017 AM - ARRL -- The epic WSPR-carrying Canada C3 voyage of the Polar Prince to commemorate Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation celebration ended successfully on October 28.

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The ARISS was able to set up a radio to connect with the astronaut and the students only had an eight minute window to ask their questions.Use your own IRC client from your computer or smartphone, or use the web-based client here.Learn more at the Freenode FAQ, including how to register your own permanent nickname here.Over the course of the 150-day expedition from Toronto, Ontario, to Victoria, British Columbia via the Northwest Passage, the CG3EXP WSPR HF beacon was received on every continent except Antarctica, CG3EXP trustee Barrie Crampton, V...November 08, 2017 PM - ARRL -- The American Legion Amateur Radio Club (TALARC) station K9TAL in Indianapolis will operate special event station N9V on Saturday, November 11, 1800-2400 UTC, to commemorate Veterans' Day.November 09, 2017 AM - e News -- The launch of the Delta II vehicle carrying Rad Fx Sat (Fox-1B) and other payloads has been delayed, due to a faulty battery on the booster, United Launch Alliance (ULA) announced on November 6.

The launch now is scheduled for no earlier than Tuesday, November 14.

As the International Space Station flew 250 miles above the Earth, 11 students in grade two through 12 had the chance to speak with an astronaut one on one using amateur radio technology at the South Florida Science Center.

The center's Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) essay contest selected the students after they wrote a creative essay about what they would ask an astronaut if they had the chance.

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Try some other Freenode IRC channels like #hamradio, #fpqrp and #fpqrp (hint: /join #channelname).