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Double checks for medications In hospitals, all infusions and injections are considered High Risk Medications, and require a double check by two nurses before each administration.

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Six years later, Med Eye, the first medication scanner, was put into use at a Dutch hospital. Around ten percent of hospitals in the Netherlands currently work with the system, international interest is growing and nursing homes have also shown an interest.Medication packaged by the distribution system for medication (GDS) can also be verified safely and efficiently at the patient’s bed.If changes have occurred and the contents of the medication pouch are no longer correct, the nurse can check this with the medication scanner and make the necessary changes.The computer never tires According to Reynisson, a computer is the right tool for accurate medication verification.That’s because it never gets bored with routine tasks, does not skip essential steps and cannot be distracted.Med Eye and Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust executed the first pilot as preparation for rollout of Med Eye.

Newcastle is thereby the first hospital in the UK to try out Med Eye.

As a result, administering medication becomes safer and more efficient since Med Eye is able to meet most double check requirements without requiring a second nurse.

Closed loop At Nij Smellinghe hospital, as many medications as possible are prepared for administration by fully automated IV stations.

The use of automated pre-packaged medicines, barcodes and checklists are helpful, but not sufficient for preventing all possible errors in all pharmaceutical groups, including incorrect deliveries and wrongly dosed medication,” says Gauti Reynisson, CEO and co-founder of Mint Solutions.

Since 2000, this company has been developing a system to prevent the risk of improper medication administration.

Yet, he claims, the systems used in many hospitals do not work well enough.