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After invalidating

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In talking about it I was able to hear myself and realize that it had been wrong.It was important to talk to an understanding person.

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I had to shift my focus from being fascinated with my alter personalities, to realizing where they came from and that each of them was really me and that each of them held memories of things that happened to ME. My children were beginning to suffer from my dissociation and dissociative identity issues and my children were getting old enough to realize that mommy was often “somewhere else”. But when I thought about it, all my life I had been taught to deny the truth.(because that was invalidating) I was careful not to choose people fond of expressions like “the past is in the past” or “just get over it”.(because that was also invalidating) The goal was to validate that what happened to me was wrong.My depressions were getting worse because of all that denial!In facing it all, I found my identity and I was able to overcome all mental health issues.If mistakes are found, you should make a new adjustment entry to correct the financial problem (see last month’s article titled Correct Posting Errors on Payments in History).

But when the error involves procedures that are in history, you must maintain accurate clinical records by first invalidating the incorrect procedure, and then posting a corrected, back-dated procedure, and finally, making an adjustment to the patient’s balance for the procedure amount.

Answer: The best guess is 5 hours, but it depends on your release of Oracle.

When you are testing changes to SQL performance (in a test environment), you can always to an "The landmark book "Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning The Definitive Reference" is filled with valuable information on Oracle SQL Tuning.

I was shocked that I’d never realized that it happened to ME and in fact I was realizing it for the very first time.

I had effectively disconnected myself and my body from the feelings and the pain and even from the truth.

When you find posting errors in the Ledger, particularly those items already in history, you cannot simply delete them and reenter the information. The Ledger is a financial record of posted procedures, payments, and patient balances that is used to print statements for patients and to bill insurance.