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These early immigrants founded Germantown, Pennsylvania, where they soon built themselves a church and established a school, taught by Pastorius, who wrote for it, and published, a primer, the first original school-book printed in Pennsylvania.

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Another company of Germans was settled about the same time, by Governor Spotswood, at Germanna in Virginia, whither, a little later, many of those who had established themselves in North Carolina are said to have removed.Under the name Germans we here understand to be included all German-speaking people, whether originally from Germany proper, Austria, Switzerland, or Luxemburg.The landing, in the autumn of 1683, of Franz Daniel Pastorius and his little band of Mennonite weavers, from Crefeld, marks the beginning of German-American history.The "German Creoles" of Louisiana are descendants of these early colonists.During the war of the Revolution, thirty thousand German soldiers fought under the British flag.They had been sold to England by the petty princes of Germany, those "brokers of men and sellers of souls ", as one of these soldiers rightly styled them.

As Hesse furnished more than any other German State (twelve thousand) all these soldiers were called Hessians.

Some ten or fifteen years after Spotswood's retirement to Germanna, a company of Germans came into Virginia from Pennsylvania, doubtless Palatines from Berks County.

They settled in the lower Shenandoah Valley and founded the town of Strasburgh, just over the mountain from Germanna.

Germans, either by birth or descent, form a very important element in the population of the United States .

Their number is estimated at not less than twelve millions.

The Germans became an important factor in the political life of Pennsylvania, usually uniting with the Quakers, and forming with them a conservative peace party.