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Carlo News Release (.pdf) 07-22-10 -- TRENTON -- A Watchung, New Jersey couple admitted today that they participated in a scheme to submit fraudulent applications for legalization on behalf of illegal aliens who were not eligible. Langforddavis News Release (.pdf) 07-21-10 -- TRENTON -- Michael Palermo, 51, of Jackson Township, New Jersey, pleaded guilty today to committing mail fraud in connection with a civil lawsuit that he instituted against a contracting company, its principal, and others who constructed and sold him a house in 2006. George News Release (.pdf) George Information (.pdf) 01-15-10 -- TRENTON -- A Farmingdale businessman pleaded guilty today to a charge of making false statements, admitting he defrauded the U. Department of Defense in connection with approximately $63,000 worth of parts for weapons and combat systems. Kelliher News Release (.pdf) Kelliher Superseding Indictment (.pdf) 01-14-10 -- CAMDEN -- An Oaklyn man was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison today for using stolen personal identifying information to defraud nine banking institutions. Arnold News Release (.pdf) Arnold Information (.pdf) 07-22-10 -- TRENTON -- The owner of a Barnegat, New Jersey construction company was sentenced today to a year and a day in federal prison for failing to report $242,764 in income. Indictment (.pdf) 07-21-10 -- TRENTON -- Larry Langforddavis of Hillside, New Jersey, was sentenced today to 115 months in prison for illegally possessing a firearm and ammunition that belonged to a Deputy United States Marshal. Davenport, 609-989-0566 and 609-989-2354, respectively. Tsoutsas News Release (.pdf) 01-15-10 -- CAMDEN -- A Mount Holly man was sentenced to 87 months in federal prison today for assisting others in the commission of three bank robberies by phoning in hoax 911 calls in an attempt to lead police away from the targeted banks. Barrett News Release (.pdf) 01-15-10 -- TRENTON -- A Passaic woman pleaded guilty today to federal bank robbery charges, admitting she committed three bank robberies in Passaic County. Balderas-Dehernandez News Release (.pdf) 01-14-10 -- NEWARK -- Wayne Puff, the ringleader of a massive Ponzi scheme which defrauded hundreds of investors and mortgage lenders of more than $100 million through a purported real estate investment business, was sentenced to 216 months in federal prison today. Arnold and Robert Kirsch, 973-645-27, respectively. Puff News Release (.pdf) 01-14-10 -- TRENTON -- A grand jury returned a 17-count Superseding Indictment today that charges Denis Kelliher, the former operator of a Bordentown car dealership, with bank fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering, and seeks criminal forfeiture in the amount of $14.9 million. Schweiker and Jennifer Davenport, 609-989-0566 and 609-989-2354, respectively. De Forge News Release (.pdf) 01-14-10 -- NEWARK -- Real estate developer Shimon Haber pleaded guilty today to conspiring to launder money, admitting he agreed with a cooperating witness and others to launder money for the purpose of making contributions to the political committee of a Union City official in exchange for official approvals to develop certain property in Union City.

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J., pleaded guilty today to attempted extortion under the color of official right, admitting that he received bribes in exchange for his official assistance, United States Attorney Paul J. Abballe News Release (.pdf) Abballe Information (.pdf) 12-10-10 -- TRENTON -- Ricardo Muniz pleaded guilty today to conspiring to commit wire fraud, admitting he posed as a potential buyer in a mortgage fraud scheme orchestrated to purchase property with fraudulently-obtained loans, U. J., official pleaded guilty today to attempted extortion, admitting that he accepted a $10,000 corrupt payment in order to assist a contractor in obtaining demolition contracts with the city, United States Attorney Paul J. Clark News Release (.pdf) Clark Information (.pdf) 12-08-10 -- NEWARK -- Paul J. Ramirez News Release (.pdf) 11-29-10 -- NEWARK -- William Graulich IV, purported managing partner of i Vest International Holdings, Inc., surrendered today to agents of the FBI after being charged for allegedly conspiring to solicit victims to invest millions based on his false promises, United States Attorney Paul J. Graulich News Release (.pdf) Graulich Criminal Complaint (.pdf) 11-29-10 -- NEWARK -- An Englewood, N. Ward, New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner Raymond W. Beldini News Release (.pdf) 02-09-10 -- CAMDEN -- A Mount Royal man pleaded guilty today to federal bank robbery charges, admitting he committed eight bank robberies in southern New Jersey and Delaware. Layton News Release (.pdf) 02-09-10 -- NEWARK -- Former New Jersey Assemblyman L. Smith News Release (.pdf) Smith Indictment (.pdf) 02-08-10 -- CAMDEN -- The owner of a Citgo Food Mart in Westville and two store employees were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 12 months to 18 months today for defrauding the federal food stamp program of more than $280,000. Mothon News Release (.pdf) 02-08-10 -- TRENTON -- An Ocean County man was arrested last Friday on a federal Indictment charging him with threatening employees of five civil rights organizations that work to improve opportunities for Latinos in the United States. Eicher, 973-353-6092 and DOJ Civil Rights Division Trial Attorney, Benjamin J. Johnson News Release (.pdf) Johnson Indictment (.pdf) 02-04-10 -- TRENTON -- The former president and CEO of the Charlie Brown's chain of restaurants pleaded guilty today to conspiring to defraud the company by accepting kickback payments totalling more than $1 million in exchange for awarding contracts to certain vendors. Hongthong News Release (.pdf) Hongthong Information (.pdf) 10-28-10 -- NEWARK -- New Jersey United States Attorney Paul J. The Election Hotline – (609) 656-2558 – is available for both English and Spanish-speaking callers. The strategy builds upon the department’s accomplishments in combating child exploitation by establishing specific, aggressive goals and priorities and increasing cooperation and collaboration at all levels of government and the private sector. Guarini News Release (.pdf) Guarini Indictment (.pdf) 01-11-10 -- NEWARK -- The former operator of a Clifton-based real estate investment program was sentenced to 70 months in federal prison today for operating a Ponzi-scheme in which she raised in excess of $15 million from hundreds of investors in New Jersey and throughout the United States. AUSAs Jason Richardson and Kevin Smith, 856-968-4869 and 856-968-4928, respectively. Y., pleaded guilty today to offering a $100,000 bribe to a Department of Defense contracting officer at Fort Monmouth in New Jersey. Attorney’s Office has established an Election Day Hotline to receive and respond to reports of election irregularities, voter intimidation or any other activities that would interfere with a citizen’s right to vote on November 2, 2010. The strategy provides the first ever comprehensive threat assessment of the dangers facing children from child pornography, online enticement, child sex tourism, commercial sexual exploitation, and sexual exploitation in Indian Country, and outlines a blueprint to strengthen the fight against these crimes. Sladich News Release (.pdf) 01-11-10 -- TRENTON -- A principal member of the so-called "Route 35 Crew" was sentenced to 334 months in federal prison for committing 11 armed bank robberies, a home invasion robbery and two other robberies between August 2006 and November 2007. Sacks News Release (.pdf) 01-07-10 -- CAMDEN -- A Willingboro man was sentenced to 96 months in federal prison today for distribution of crack cocaine and illegally possessing a handgun.This amount represents the most successful collection year for U. Of this amount, over $15.5 million was collected in criminal actions and over $42 million was collected in civil actions. Kantrowitz News Release (.pdf) Kantrowitz Information (.pdf) 11-23-10 -- NEWARK -- Roger and Romeo Folkes arrived in the United States last night following their extradition from Jamaica to face charges they conspired to smuggle cocaine hidden in the retractable handrails of luggage aboard commercial airlines from the West Indies to England via the United States, United States Attorney Paul J. Beldini News Release (.pdf) 06-09-10 -- TRENTON -- Anthony Cariello of East Brunswick, New Jersey, pleaded guilty today to an extortion conspiracy charge stemming from his assault of a debtor to collect an illegal loan. Additionally, the Office collected more than $11.4 million in criminal and civil forfeitures. Criminal Complaint (.pdf) 11-23-10 -- TRENTON -- Barry Kantrowitz, 62, of Wayside, N. Cariello News Release (.pdf) Cariello Information (.pdf) 06-07-10 -- NEWARK -- The former operations manager of a transfer and recycling station in Plainfield, New Jersey was sentenced today to five months in prison and five months of home confinement for violating the Travel Act in connection with a commercial bribery scheme which yielded him more than $30,000 in cash bribe payments. News Release (.pdf) 11-09-10 -- CAMDEN -- Terrek Parker was sentenced today to 230 months in federal prison for orchestrating three armed bank robberies and bringing two firearms into New Jersey from Georgia, United States Attorney Paul J. Parker News Release (.pdf) 11-09-10 -- CAMDEN -- The former Chief Financial Officer of the Harold M. (LBG), a New Jersey-based engineering consulting company awarded millions in reconstruction contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan, has resolved criminal and civil fraud charges related to its international work on behalf of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U. 2010 PSN Achievement Awards (.pdf) 07-14-10 -- NEWARK -- A former Edison, New Jersey Little League coach pleaded guilty today to possession of child pornography.

Eichner News Release (.pdf) Eichner Information (.pdf) 11-05-10 -- NEWARK -- The Louis Berger Group, Inc. The PSN grant for the program is awarded by the Department of Justice and administered through the fiscal agent, the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office.

Superseding Indictment (.pdf) Stevenson Superseding Information (.pdf) 11-18-10 -- TRENTON -- A Newark, N. man has been arrested and charged after allegedly seeking a team to execute the kidnapping of a New Jersey woman and her daughter, United States Attorney Paul J. Patel News Release (.pdf) Patel Criminal Complaint (.pdf) 11-18-10 -- NEWARK -- Former real estate investment executive Jack Kadymir was sentenced today to 30 months in prison for his role in an investment fraud ring which defrauded investors out of more than $10 million, United States Attorney Paul J. Kadymir News Release (.pdf) 11-18-10 -- NEWARK -- A Hillsdale, N. woman pleaded guilty today to a federal charge of willfully subscribing to a false tax return, admitting she concealed over $750,000 in a Swiss bank account, United States Attorney Paul J. Hounakey News Release (.pdf) 06-23-10 -- NEWARK -- A federal grand jury Indictment unsealed today charges New York Police Department Officer Kelvin L. NJ Stolen Dreams News Release (.pdf) 06-17-10 -- CAMDEN -- Gary L. Manning News Release (.pdf) 01-27-10 -- NEWARK -- A former supervisor of permits and connection fees for the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority was sentenced to 24 months in federal prison today for extorting corrupt cash payments from contractors. Bellizzi News Release (.pdf) 01-26-10 -- CAMDEN -- A field investigator with the N. Department of Labor & Workforce Development, Division of Wage and Hour Compliance, pleaded guilty today to federal charges in connection with a bribery scheme, admitting he accepted bribe payments from owners and operators of temporary labor firms. Peyton News Release (.pdf) 01-25-10 -- NEWARK -- A former employee of a Hudson County based interstate trucking company pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to commit mail fraud in connection with his scheme to defraud the business of over $1.3 million. Santini News Release (.pdf) 01-22-10 -- NEWARK -- An East Orange man was sentenced to life plus 25 years today for the 2006 carjacking of a couple in East Orange, in which the defendant pistol-whipped a male victim and sexually assaulted a female victim before critically wounding her with a gunshot to the head.

Vidal Geraldino News Release (.pdf) 11-18-10 -- TRENTON -- A supervisor with the Newark Fire Department admitted today that he evaded income taxes by maintaining a fraudulent IRS W-4 form with the city and failing to file an individual tax return, United States Attorney Paul J. White News Release (.pdf) White Information (.pdf) 11-18-10 -- NEWARK -- A Northampton, Pa. resident Frederick Sellers guilty today of one count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine in Camden and elsewhere, U. Stetser News Release (.pdf) Stetser Information (.pdf) 06-28-10 -- NEWARK -- A man from Togo was sentenced today for his participation in an operation in which dozens of women and girls were forced to work at hair braiding salons in Newark and East Orange, New Jersey without pay for the financial benefit of the defendants. Ward, announced the regional results of the nationwide takedown, Operation Stolen Dreams, which targeted mortgage fraud in the District of New Jersey and throughout the country and is the largest collective enforcement effort ever brought to bear in confronting mortgage fraud. Cuebas News Release (.pdf) 01-22-10 -- NEWARK -- Guy Catrillo, a former Jersey City senior planning aide and failed City Council candidate, was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison today for accepting $15,000 in cash bribes in exchange for his official action in attempting to obtain real estate development approvals.

Y., man pleaded guilty today to his role in a scheme to file false tax returns using the names and Social Security Numbers of, among other victims, adult and pediatric cancer patients, United States Attorney Paul J. Nelson News Release (.pdf) 11-16-10 -- NEWARK -- David Moro, former Chief Executive Officer of Inchon LLC, was convicted today by a federal jury in New Jersey for orchestrating a $4.2 million broadcasting equipment lease and financing scheme that caused losses of more than $3 million to major lenders, United States Attorney Paul J. Moro News Release (.pdf) 11-16-10 -- TRENTON -- Maria Lourdes Sousa pleaded guilty today to conspiring to commit mortgage fraud, admitting that she made false documents that were to be used to secure a fraudulent mortgage loan, United States Attorney Paul J. Sousa News Release (.pdf) Sousa Information (.pdf) 11-16-10 -- TRENTON -- Three men who operated unlicensed money transmitting businesses in New York pleaded guilty today to operating the illegal businesses, admitting they transferred large amounts of cash to a cooperating witness and to Rabbi Mordchai Fish, the then-principal rabbi of Congregation Sheves Achim in Brooklyn, N. Chiu News Release (.pdf) 06-17-10 -- CAMDEN -- Former Pleasantville, New Jersey Board of Education (PBOE) member David Thomas pleaded guilty today to conspiring to commit extortion, admitting that he served as an intermediary by accepting $23,700 in corrupt payments for former PBOE members Jayson G. Thomas News Release (.pdf) Thomas Information (.pdf) 06-17-10 -- TRENTON -- Eliahu Ben Haim, formerly the principal rabbi of Congregation Ohel Yaacob, a/k/a Ocean Avenue Synagogue, in Deal, New Jersey, pleaded guilty today to conspiring to launder approximately $1.5 million in funds that he believed were the proceeds of unlawful activities. Criminal Complaint (.pdf) Mendes Criminal Complaint (.pdf) Graca et al. Criminal Complaint (.pdf) Fernandes Criminal Complaint (.pdf) Berger et al. Williamson News Release (.pdf) Lloyd Woodson is scheduled to make an initial appearance in federal court tomorrow, Jan. Woodson was charged in a federal criminal Complaint that was signed and filed on Jan.

Jackson News Release (.pdf) Jackson Information (.pdf) 11-17-10 -- NEWARK -- A West New York, N. J., for stealing a frequency generator from an engineering company which provides mission critical products to the U. military and selling it through e Bay, United States Attorney Paul J. Corey News Release (.pdf) Corey Criminal Complaint (.pdf) 11-17-10 -- NEWARK -- A Bronx, N. Williamson & Amon News Release (.pdf) 06-17-10 -- TRENTON -- Daniel Chiu, a former senior accountant with Jersey City-based and publicly traded company Bel Fuse, Inc., was sentenced today to 18 months in prison for embezzling approximately $1 million from the company. Magistrate Judge Madeline Cox Arleo, Courtroom 2A in the King Federal Building and Courthouse, in Newark. Woodson Criminal Complaint (.pdf) 01-27-10 -- CAMDEN -- A former stockbroker from Basking Ridge pleaded guilty today to defrauding an investor by misusing the investor's investment funds and sending the investor a fake account statement.

Nelson News Release (.pdf) Nelson Indictment (.pdf) 07-08-10 -- TRENTON -- A music industry promoter pleaded guilty today to defrauding a New Jersey investor of approximately $330,000 by fraudulently claiming to be promoting a series of Mariah Carey concerts in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that never took place, U. Zatlsberg News Release (.pdf) Zatlsberg Information (.pdf) 06-30-10 -- TRENTON -- A Hudson County, New Jersey man pleaded guilty today a federal fraud charge arising from his creation of computerized templates to be used in the production of false identification documents, including federal law enforcement credentials, and selling them over the Internet. Muhammad News Release (.pdf) Muhammad Information (.pdf) 01-21-10 -- CAMDEN -- A Florida man pleaded guilty today to his role in a $20 million stock fraud and money laundering scheme, admitting that he cost public investors over $1 million in losses.