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"While fossil marine crocodiles frequently occur in Jurassic rocks of Europe and Africa, they are scarce in North America," Orr and his wife Elizabeth L.

Fossils from other crocodile families and other reptiles, especially ichthyosoaurs, from the Mesozoic Era (65 million to 248 million years ago) have been found previously in Oregon, but none have been as old as the newly found crocodile, Orr said.An ancient sea-going crocodile has surfaced from the rocks of Crook County in eastern Oregon.It's discovery by the North American Research Group (NARG), whose members were digging for Jurassic-age mollusks known as ammonites, is another confirmation that the Blue Mountains consist of rocks that traveled from somewhere in the Far East, says retired University of Oregon geologist William Orr, who was called in to examine the find for the state.Don’t be afraid to report Sometimes individuals are afraid to report sexual violence because alcohol or drugs are involved.The university’s highest priority is the safety of all on campus.For example, the site cannot determine your email name unless you choose to type it.

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Fossils similar to the Oregon crocodile appear today in many areas around South China, Orr said.

Orr theorizes that the remains in Oregon migrated eastward in rock by continental drift, a theory of land movement in geological time now encompassed under plate tectonics.

"This taxon was a crocodile-like creature but had a fish tail," said Orr, a NARG adviser and director of the Thomas Condon State Museum of Fossils at the University of Oregon.

"This creature lived in Jurassic times, so it's 150 to 180 million years old.

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