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What better way to feel good than to help someone in need?These Helping One Woman monthly dinners at a local restaurant let you give back while hanging out with friends for dinner.

Fitness centers are a great way to meet new friends and to build a community. There is no food I hear more about in Fresno than the bread pudding at Cracked Pepper. This is Fresno’s other big player in small venue concerts.These are 52 ideas that you can do over the next year (a couple are pegged to specific events) that will get you off the couch and out into the community.I haven’t yet explored the 13-acre expansion that opened in October, but my colleagues and friends who have gone rave about it. Even renowned wildlife expert Jack Hanna was impressed."We recognize there's a need for the kind of work they do but they need to relocate.They're sitting in the heart of a community," Curry said. Monday morning she filed a lawsuit and announced it on the steps of City Hall, backed by her neighbors.Mary Curry said, "it's very sickening, it makes you want to up-chuck." Marry Curry has been fighting the odor since 2005.

She said it comes from Darling International, a meat rendering plant across the street.

in Tower District, Fun Factory in downtown Fresno, and Enjoy The Store in Visalia. Paint-while-you-sip wine events are popping up all over. Several bars host them, including Fresno Pub Quiz on Wednesdays at The Landmark, Sequoia Pub Quiz on Tuesdays, House of Pendragon Pub Quiz on Tuesdays and Geeks Who Drink on Wednesdays at Tioga Sequoia Beer Garden. I love seeing the Valley from the perspective of a bike. This Fulton Mall bar/restaurant is changing the adult entertainment experience in Fresno. It may sound old-fashioned and stodgy, but the hip music director of the Fresno Grand Opera is shaking things up.

You can find them at popular restaurants, via Paint Nite, or at established places like Artist In Me, or at some local art studios like Sublime Time and Brush & Easel Gallery. Held on the first (Tower District and downtown Fresno) and third (Fresno metro areas) Thursdays, Art Hop is a tour of local galleries and artists. Local filmmakers create low-budget remakes of popular movies, trailers and TV shows and then get together for laughs and fun. With all the bike trails and routes linked up around Fresno and Clovis, it’s easy to cruise and rack up the miles. It hosts everything from adult coloring nights to lectures to soccer fan meetups and bands and trivia events. First with the bold opera remix shows, and with two more modern shows, “Sweeney Todd” and “Dead Man Walking.” to Yosemite National Park.

The West Fresno neighborhood near Church and Fruit is pretty quiet.

There are no people in the park and the streets are empty. Arogeanae Brown said, "it smells like dog food mixed with throw up to me, it's very nasty.

There are plenty of places to hit the trail, including our three national parks, Yosemite, Kings and Sequoia, that offer world-renowned hikes.