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This not only ensures maximum efficiency, it enables us to foresee any possible problems that may occur in the near future. Is there anything I should check prior to calling for service? Over-capacity equipment will not be as energy efficient as properly matched capacity either. An air conditioner is at its least efficient when it is first turned on.Check to be sure that the air conditioner or furnace is turned on. How are the sizing capacities of heating and cooling systems measured? On the other hand, equipment that is under-sized, will obviously result in loss of comfort during temperature extremes. A system with too much capacity will run in numerous short cycles, turning on and off repeatedly, therefore causing it to be less efficient.

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As the sunlight dwindled we played a few rounds of trivia, texting answers as they appeared on the big screen.I was less impressed by the lines that formed once the cars were settled and they started allowing folks in on foot.There were only four food trucks and one of them was an ice cream truck — for people who got there later, they waited in line for hours to get fed.Check that the breakers and the disconnects are turned on and be sure the thermostat is set correctly. Also keep in mind that an air conditioner only removes humidity when it’s running, so a system with shorter run cycles doesn’t remove humidity from the air very well. How is the efficiency of heating and cooling equipment measured?When purchasing a furnace, heat pump or air conditioner, ALWAYS ask about its Efficiency Ratings.But here are some things that you can do to assure optimal performance: Keep ground mounted outdoor units clear of debris, clutter and weeds; they can reduce the airflow to the unit. Sizing HVAC equipment is very important from the standpoints of both comfort and energy use.

Use caution with weed trimmers around the unit to prevent damaging control wiring. Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps are also rated in tonnage. Heating and cooling equipment that are over-capacity will not run as frequently or as long when it does run.

Dust, dirt, and debris are an HVAC system’s worst enemies.

The most important part of HVAC maintenance aspect is maintaining unrestricted air flows.

You could either drive and park and watch the clips traditionally from your car, or bring your own chairs and blankets and watch from the lawn instead.

If Adult Swim Drive In is There were some small organizational hiccups in terms of directing crowds and cars, but considering that each location where this event takes place is a different drive-in with a different setup, I was quite impressed with how they handled everyone.

Proceeds will go to our weekly interactive literacy programs and a small percentage toward the framing of our autism quilt, which we are gifting Rutgers University – Newark Campus in the School of Public Affairs and Administration.