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The maximum altitude is 3055m above sea level, at the summit of Mt Victoria.Accommodation and sanitation throughout the trek is at a very basic level.Whilst the Chin Hills are cooler than the plains, the climate is warm and relatively humid even in the later winter months which is something to take in to account.Meet with cool people from all corners of the world in our free video chat syste.Chat for free and watch upto four live web cameras simultaniously while chatting.This is not a difficult or sustained trek and on average you will be walking for 5 to 6 hours per day.

Please note that the Chin Hills are a remote area, where few tourists have travelled before.

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Our journey in Burma, the Golden Land, begins in the former British colonial city of Yangon (Rangoon).

No visit to Burma is complete without a trip to the magnificent Schwedagon Pagoda, the cultural heart of the nation, and a walk around the historical colonial district of the city.

Few westerners have visited this area, only opened to tourists in recent years, where many of the women have tattooed faces and wear tribal clothing.