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Acne scars and dating

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According to the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, evidence dating back to as far as 2200 BC shows that the ancient Egyptians included honey in their prescription for standard wound care.Out of 900 Egyptian remedies, more than half called for some amount of honey.

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She is also a certified fitness instructor and the founder/chief writer of Fit Chick Chit Recent research shows that honey may be more effective at fighting infections and healing wounds than some of the most commonly used medical treatments.Those that were treated with honey had much shorter times for healing, eradication of infection, needed less use of antibiotics and spent fewer days in the hospital.To date, however, no studies have been published regarding honey's effect on acne scars.Another theory suggests that a chemical reaction occurring between the glucose in the honey and the secretions oozing from the wound slowly form hydrogen peroxide, which kills bacteria.In 2001, researchers from the University of Oxford compared burn patients that had been treated with honey to those that were administered an antiseptic and found that honey was significantly better.A pimple, whitehead, blackhead or cyst is the result of clogged oil glands that become havens for bacteria.

Normally, this bacteria resides underneath your skin but does not cause problems until that oil gland becomes clogged.

Although honey has had some success in the treatment of ulcers, burns and other skin irritations, dermatologists argue that treating acne and the unsightly scars it leaves behind, is more complicated.

Genetics, sebum production, inflammation and bacterial growth are just some of the many factors affecting the treatment of acne.

"There is no reason why it would work, so I imagine that is why no one will fund a study," says Lisa M.

Donofrio, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Yale University School of Medicine.

If honey has any place in the treatment of acne scars it would have to be applied as a preventative measure, before the scar forms.