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Accommodating adhd on the crct

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I was told I was welcome in the class room at anytime. So far I am very impressed with the communication with the teachers.I know what goes on everyday because they use an agenda book for 2-way communication.

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They also require parent involvement by having reading homework (15 min) every night.I have been a volunteer in the "Reading is Fundamental" program and also the "Project Literacy" program for adults.I specialize in helping children and adults with mild Learning Disabilities by assisting them in overcoming and accommodating their specific deficits to reach their full learning potential and academic goals.I believe this school really cares for the children and work hard to give them the best education they can.They seem to be good with parent teacher communication.i agree with the parent who wrote on Feb 9th my child has brought homework home and and I have found in some the the readind that the answer she was expected to give to a multiple choice question wasnt even there or it was worded wrong.

How is a child supposed to learn if the assignmens given have such obvious flaws.

Regardless, something drastic needs to be done about the school lunches. It starts with the Principal and goes all the way to the parents.

You don't have to have a child at a school to be a volunteer. Every teacher that Ive seen or heard about at this school is excellent.

The school seem to be ok for a kindergardner she get alot of homework, which I like.

I do agree with one of the other parents you only know how your child is doing at report card time.

Also he has 15 min (mon.-thurs.)that he has to work on homework from his homework folder sent home weekly.