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The idea was that by engaging with mass-produced consumer goods you could somehow “reach the masses” in a way that you could not through an art gallery or other highbrow cultural institutions.In this sense, what could be more consistent with the goals of Fluxus than to sneak in an avant-garde music composition into a mass-produced consumer good made by the most popular music group all time?

We stood in the rain for an hour so we could finally visit the catacombs, accidentally spend the equivalent of a new hot water heater at a fancy dinner, sipped on decadent hot chocolate, and visited the gorgeous palace of Fontainebleu. We had all of our belongings packed up, then spent the next month living at a friend's house and two different temporary apartments, had going away lunches, coffees and dinners, and finally made it to a couple of Easter markets where my obsession with hand painted Easter eggs was fully ignited._____________ Karlheinz Stockhausen was friends with both Lennon and Mc Cartney and he influenced some of their music.Today we will take a close look at his music and his views and at some of the songs of the Beatles that he influenced.This time we opened the windows to the spring air, and were shouting out whatever came into our heads at the uncomprehending trees while the tapes rolled in the room behind us.I, for one, had no inkling that this particular evening’s lark was destined to be captured for posterity on the Beatles’ “White Album,” as part of “Revolution 9.”After they added some touches to “Revolution 9,” Yoko suggested they make a tape of their own.Maxfield influenced Ono’s early 1960s work, and he’s even listed as “electronic technical assistant” in the poster for Ono’s 1961 Carnegie Hall concert.

Ono’s previous friendship with Richard Maxfield is probably one of the most frequently unacknowledged influences on Revolution 9.

Or to put it another way, it’s a souvenir of the most musically avant-garde first date in the history of all human courtship.

Another reason for including Revolution 9 on the White Album is the possible influence of the Fluxus art movement via Yoko Ono.

” At sunrise—with the squawks of the birds outside the still-open windows providing counterpoint to Yoko’s—they completed their first “unfinished music” composition, which they titled Lennon then took the demo that he made with Shotton and Ono to Abbey Road Studios, where he continued working on it through June 1968.

He incorporated sound effects material from the Abbey Road archives, most notably the sound of a test engineer repeating “Number nine, number nine.” As for why Lennon wanted to include Revolution 9 on the White Album, one possible answer is that the song is a permanent souvenir of the beginning of John & Yoko’s intimate relationship.

Now when I go get my hair done, the girls ask me if I get to sit in a pink car and watch Frozen--I wish!