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IT management actually encourages that as long as you do not make waves or expose their incompetence.Cons Senior IT managers are in their position for only two reasons. Or two, they are popular with the social clique that runs the office.

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The giant echo chamber that is Texas Mutual could be truly great if it was more sincere.-Employee development is a fairy tale they tell to make candidates feel better about accepting a job offer.You might not find your true love as quickly as we did, but it's worth a damn good try. 62 - Swellendam, Western Cape Kom ons skryf ons eie verhaal van kameraderie, liefde en geluk!Advice to Management Innovation is something you foster in employees, not quash or pretend to do.Creating a new division and calling it "Digital Innovations and Solutions" doesn't make you an innovative company.Also hire more mature adults, don't make the imagine department full of children.

Cons Micro-managing to the max at ISC (Information Service Center) not only are you to be logged in for 7.5 hrs but you have to take breaks at the assigned times "only" or you are docked points in your eval.

Pros Great company culture, focused on innovation, lots of opportunity for personal and career growth, wellness focused, excellent benefits and pay, employees are given a lot of room to make decisions, and the company is highly successful.

Pros This is the type of company where old or weak-skilled IT people can go and sit quietly in their cube, surf facebook, attend 6 hours of meetings per day, and wait for retirement.

Building a new office in Meuller doesn't make you a "hip" Austin employer.

Spending 3 years to implement a new policy and billing system does not make you "best in class" and certainly doesn't make you a cutting edge company.

Management doesn't want employees to pursue their own interests within the company, they want employees to pursue management's at the expense of career growth.-Self-serving management who will tell employees only what they want to hear.