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5 least intimidating military uniforms

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The uniform a country chooses for its military is an important decision.

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While some of these uniforms are purely ceremonial or out of use entirely, others are worn in some fashion even to this day.The Greeks think it’s because of the talent of these guys and their sinister look.But it’s not, it’s because they have pom-poms on their shoes and a short skirt.The 51-year-old, from Sherbrooke, Que., spent half her life in the Canadian Forces. The first time it happened, Gauthier had been serving for barely a year. A bus driver raped her in a bedroom on the Saint-Hubert military base. He grabbed her head, forced it between his legs and told her he would let her go if she performed oral sex. I’m married with four kids.” When she turned around, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Every time it happened, she had the same suffocating, primal terror.When she signed up at 18, she was young and idealistic, and couldn’t wait to get her hands on the engine of a fighter plane. He grabbed her by the throat so hard it left fingerprints on her neck. Next thing she knew, he was trying to yank her clothes off. She woke up in the middle of the night on the back seat of a pickup truck. Another time, she was putting bottles away in the back of the same bar and she felt a hand cover her mouth. The voice of the man trying to sodomize her was strangely familiar. Her private hell took a new shape in the 2000s, at CFB Bagotville, when some of her superiors started making explicit sexual advances.Across all military branches, there is one event that gets the ladies especially excited — The Military Ball.

Whether it’s the chance to wear a beautiful gown, pick out sparkly jewelry or enjoy an evening of tradition, most military spouses and significant others are excited for the ball. Two in college and four since my husband has been active duty.

Every day, five individuals in the Canadian military community become victims of sexual assault.

According to statistics obtained through Canada’s Access to Information Act, military police have received between 134 and 201 complaints of sexual assaults every year since 2000. Most specialists agree that hundreds of other cases are not reported.

A few weeks later, she learned she was being released from the military. But Gauthier is convinced it was just an excuse to get rid of her. ], I have to conclude that your story is simply implausible.” That’s how, one October day in 2007, after desperately trying to hold onto her job, master corporal Gauthier turned in her uniform—and with it, a piece of herself.

In June 2007, Lise Gauthier finally submitted a 159-page letter denouncing the totality of the harassment and violence of which she had been victim over the previous three decades. Gauthier can barely contain herself when she reads the words of the commanding officer who received the letter. ] over as long a period, and without any witness to back up your allegations [ . “I was proud of who I was, proud to have served my country, helped the people around me.

There is a minimum height requirement to join the Evzones of 1.86 m (6′ 1.2″). They’ve been dressing like this since the 1800s so I guess we’re stuck with it.