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The LOL Jesus meme is simple in execution: take a picture of jesus from an old children's book or pamphlet, and make it funny by giving it a caption using stupid internet slang.LOL JESUS was born in the manger of 4Chan's image boards, son of the God of the internet (aka the early, pre-You Tube internet crowd) that was basically doing Photoshop manipulations of everything under the sun, including, of course, Jesus and the Christian faith. So this meme is one of the most quickly viral on the list, because it basically paraphrases events from the Bible in a casual tone.

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If the stories are to believed, Mercer — atheist or not — was obviously targeting Christians, right? But unlike the Charleston shooting, there is no manifesto or obvious ideological commitment that universally points to a single motivation.Are all practitioners of the occult (or even the left-hand path) violent? But the rejection of moralism combined with the “dark” associations do propose a world in which violence is acceptable. He might not have called himself a Christian, but he a proponent of groups who committed atrocious acts in the name of God.There’s a reason right-hand practitioners view left-hand adherents as evil. His email handle and frequent username was “ironcross45” — a reference that is most commonly associated with a war medal issued during WWII by the Nazis, whose belief in Christian dominance was well-articulated by Hitler himself.For the moment, we’ll give folks the benefit of the doubt and assume that Mercer really did ask people whether they were Christian before attacking.There are still major problems with the atheist-persecuting-Christians narrative.As such, we’re left to reconstruct his worldview from the clues that he left along the way. but a review of the hints he left point to much different conclusions than an anti-Christian agenda.

link him to the occult and the “left-hand path.” This combination is most frequently associated with “dark magic,” with a heavy emphasis on rejecting moralism and social convention while engaging the taboo.

Every year (typically around Easter), there's at least one viral Jesus meme, Jesus viral video or Jesus-themed webcomic that makes the rounds.

So here, all in one place, is the very best Jesus memes, including the funniest Jesus-themed rage comics, pictures, image macros and viral videos that have made everyone LOL throughout the years.

The most recent reports indicate that ten people lost their lives and many more were injured.

In a tragedy that has become all too common in the states, 26-year-old Christopher Harper Mercer opened fire yesterday on Oregon’s Umpqua Community College campus armed with several handguns and one long gun.

We’ll put aside for the moment that the only stories supporting this theory have been secondhand accounts relayed by shaken up loved ones of survivors.