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3d virtual sex videos that with no sign up needed

It's one of just two PS4 'sim' car games available right now, along with the slightly more arcadey Here's one that might have flown by without you noticing. It happened at the back end of September 2015, and it's available on the Gear VR app platform - yes, really. The Netflix VR app for Gear VR doesn't suddenly turn the 20cm around your head into an IMAX display.

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This isn't just a VR daydream, it's the ultimate Virtual Reality fantasy.This is the VR immersion we've been promised, and we haven't even tried it with any of the final-quality headsets yet. Surely one of the greatest gaming genres for VR is racing.For any of the old-school gamers out there, If you're into VR for the arty experimental side rather than gaming or checking out holiday destinations for your next Easyjet extravaganza, VRSE is where it's at. Even in the real world you're stuck in your seat, and the cockpit view offers plenty of scope for a great 3D effect: plenty of close-up bits, plenty of far-away bits.Fingers crossed this gets sorted by the time Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus come out.We're already saving up quality time to spend with this one.This is VR exalted to the sort of cultural coffee shop where Salman Rushdie and the most highfalutin of sketches from the point of view of an audience member. Back in 2014, was announced as having 'Project Morpheus' support.

We tried it out with the Gear VR, and it's an unnervingly 'real' experience, using suspension of disbelief to break through the fourth wall. And while the game is already out for PS4, we still have our fingers crossed it'll come out as one of the lead PS4 VR games when the Play Station VR headset arrives in early 2016. Yep, it's pretty cool, but it's still got a way to go.

Gamers salivated in October of last year when Microsoft released a video of Project X-Ray, a mixed reality video game .

A user was seen donning Holo Lens goggles and a handheld device.

It's a shop of sorts that stops you from having to scrabble around the internet to find the content you're after.

Hotel chain Marriott has even gone as far as to use Milk VR to show off 'VR postcards' that let you check out 3D videos of holiday destinations you, errr, might not be able to afford in the real world.

Viewers could see the device turn into a cybernetic gun that encompassed the man’s hand and forearm, as if he was a cyborg.