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3d sex chat bot

It’s a script using patterns to match input sentences to find the most suitable scripted output. It could teach anything in a way appropriate to the age and experience of the student – a tailor made education.

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Façade is not a Chat Bot, but uses natural language input to control an interactive drama.Its patterns are highly expressive so that you can create complex notions quickly and compactly.The language syntax is simple and visual, making it easy to script things using a plain text editor.Its language syntax is LISP- based and relatively hard to read and write, but its pattern- matching abilities are more powerful than PF’s.Our open source language, Chat Script, is aimed for large- scale projects involving the creative manipulation of language and knowledge.Matching ‘I love you’ in all sentences takes 4 rules.

Matching those words in non-contiguous sequence (e.g., .

The other languages can match all these with 1 rule and some like Chat Script can avoid a lot of false matches.

AIML primarily functions by rewriting pieces of its input into a new input, and then processing that.

Fine Arts Telltale Games, San Rafael, CA [email protected] 2011 This paper is about the history, frustrations, considerations, and decisions that led to the creation of our award-winning Chat Bot technology.

Its deficiency is that it is a contradictory mash-up of random human chat, not a clearly defined personality. Its advantage is that you can craft a smooth and consistent personality.

Human chat has its own vocabulary, which includes words like topic, gambit, rejoinder or retort, statement, question, non sequitur, and unresponsive. It’s generally not good enough to just reply yes or no.