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3 second rule dating

3 second rule dating-70

This applies whether your on a date or not on a date and a women from across the room gives you a signal that she is interested.

However, I don’t consider it a complete failure because in those 18 days I probably met more people than I had the entire semester.It is much easier to follow this rule while your on a date instead of not being on a date. If your do this when your not on a date many other factors come into play.There might be a few other people with the woman that gives you the signal so you get shy.If your on a date then this will come in handy so that things do not get boring and weird.It will come in handy when your not on a date if a woman gives you the signal that it is okay to talk to her.There is no time to start feeling shy or get hesitant.

It is time for you to seize the opportunity and go up to her with confidence.

The 3 second rule means that during your conversation that you always answer or do something within 3 seconds.

If you do not do anything within that time it means that your very hesitant which puts you in the weaker position.

The best way to get through this is not think and just act and hope it turns out good.

If a beautiful woman gives you a signal, you do not have all day to think about what is happening.

Even if only briefly, chances are you see people constantly throughout your day.