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In sixteen days, sixteen burglaries have been committed, one each night.The trail leads to Walter Tracy but Friday and Romero soon realise that finding the loot is a lot harder than finding Tracy.

Friday and Romero are tasked with getting the bomb away from him before it is too late.Friday has been off duty for 2 hours when he receives an emergency phone call from the Chief of Detectives.An entire block in the heart of the city has been threatened with complete destruction by Vernon Carney.Agnes Kelby has suddenly disappeared from her home, and on the surface, it appears only as a routine missing persons case.Friday and Romero investigate and find that Eric Kelby, Agnes's husband is acting very suspiciously by Insisting that his wife isn't missing will Friday and Romero find the woman or find her murderered?The officer dies, and the cop killer is shot and killed while attempting to escape during a transfer from the hospital to the county jail.

The search for the other man in the car begins and leads to a major payroll holdup.

A set of 314 original episodes aired between June 1949 and September 1955 with ".22 Rifle For Christmas" and "The Big Little Jesus" usually re-run during Christmas time.

Friday and Romero go searching for a criminal dubbed the "werewolf" by the media, who has beaten up and robbed eighteen young women in LA's Central district.

The fake cop usually strikes when his victims pull up to a red traffic light.

When one of his victims die the LAPD turns up the heat.

A 1,000 man dragnet slowly gets him cornered, and it's up to Friday, Romero and the other members of the LAPD to get the killer before he strikes again.