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21st century dating tips

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Love letters can strenghten your relationship whether you're living in different states or in the same apartment.

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From princess movies to gendered sets of toys for girls and boys, and even questions from relatives about whether I had a boyfriend, I had thoroughly learned that women were: passive, sensitive, quiet, innocent, accommodating, bad at math, into their physical appearance, and had a very important purpose in life– finding a man."At our core, all human beings want to feel valued, accepted, and loved exactly as they are," she adds.The benefit of writing a letter or sending an email is she can read it over and over again, and have that little rush every time.Let Your Guard Down Do everyone a favor and stop putting up the front of the rough-and-tumble guy who thinks emotions will detract from your manliness. "Love letters have been written since the beginning of time," Gandhi says.That includes gladiators, knights, and we imagine Norse gods, too.You want it to read as genuine, specific to you, and straight from the heart. Think about all the reasons you love her, and note them in detail.

"Women love knowing specifically what you love about them," Gandhi adds.

"Writing a letter to your loved one is one of the most romantic acts known to mankind, and something that can be cherished lifelong," she adds.

Don't overthink the logistics Don't get caught up in this being a black and white blueprint of a how-to.

"Come back to it after a few hours, edit, then come back again until you're happy and ready to send!

" Forget what you think a love letter should be "A love letter doesn't have to be written in Shakespearean, iambic pentameter, poetry or anything too fancy," Gandhi says.

Start with the past: What did you think of her when you first met? What's one of your favorite memories of the beginning of your relationship?